Hi-tec joinery products are an approved supplier of ‘Safehinge’ products supplied as door sets that includes our pre- assembled lining systems.



Perfect for new builds and major refurbishments, our discreet integral finger guard offers complete safety and unrivalled durability. 

Our integral finger guard – Alumax – designs out the problem of trapped fingers by using a rounded heel to eliminate the gap between door and frame.  As the door opens and shuts, this gap remains constant at just 2mm – too small for fingers to get in harm’s way.


Our extreme duty finger guard (Alufast) is made of solid aluminium that completely covers the gap, offering superior safety and robust protection that’s built to last.

Particularly effective in challenging areas, with constant impact from children, pushchairs and wheelchairs etc, the solid construction enables it to withstand tough knocks, helping to protect the door edge.  So as well as saving fingers, it saves money too by extending the life of the door.  Plus, it can be installed in just 15 minutes.

By purchasing all components from Hi-tec, machined using modern state of the art ‘CnC’ technology assures a quality supply that justify's the design and development of this outstanding patented system.