Environmental Policy

It is the policy of Hi-tec Joinery Products Ltd to control the impact on the environment within our activities, products and services.

To achieve the policy Hi-tec Joinery Products will establish with our supply partners the use of where possible products and services that can be maintained by documented environmental management systems.

The systems will include our supply partners certifications meeting BS EN ISO 14001, FSC & PEFC or similar

Hi-tec Joinery holds FSC & PEFC Certification.

Our main aims are to :

● Conserve natural resources to the extent possible, by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials and using recycled packaging.

● Ensure responsible use of energy.

● Develop, manufacture and market products that conserve energy and can be disposed of safely.

● Minimise waste, prevent air, water and other pollution, dispose of waste safely and responsibly.

● To source timber products from renewable and certified forest resources.

The Directors and employees of Hi-tec Joinery Products Ltd are dedicated to continuous improvement within our own supply and that of our partners.

Ian Matthews
Managing Director

January 2018